In order to keep your jewellery looking beautiful, we bring you this comprehensive guide to looking after your jewellery:

  • Putting on jewellery should be the last stage of your morning routine

  • You should not wear your jewellery when working out or doing other demanding activities

  • You should not wear your jewellery when swimming or bathing 

  • You should not wear rings when washing your hands

  • You should not wear rings when opening tight jars or lifting anything heavy

  • Jewellery should not be worn when sleeping

  • Taking off jewellery should be the first stage of your evening routine

  • Do not leave jewellery in direct sunlight or in the bathroom

  • Store jewellery in airtight containers (e.g. a zip lock pouch)

  • Do not allow jewellery contact with moisture, cleaning chemicals or cosmetics

  • Jewellery will need regular cleaning


The metals used in our jewellery are created to be long-lasting, however, the metals are soft and malleable - so rings especially should not be used when partaking in strenuous activity. Moisture can also be particularly damaging to the metal.